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Tasha A
Podcast Review
My go to podcast when I want to feel inspired!
C Mac D
Podcast Review
This is such a great podcast! She has gone through so much positive change “creating what she speaks” and truly believes. She is really trying to help others change their lives for the better. She gives actual tips and steps. Real life example and stories. I am actually happy and at a good place in my life but I still find so much of this such valuable information to continue to grow and learn and have even more positive experiences in my life. Can’t wait till the next one.
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How to determine what you really want and how to go after it
New perspecitves which lead to new thoughts and new actions
Shape your reality by setting your intentions and knowing the next right actions to take
Settle for living on the Sidelines Anymore!
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The Create What You Speak podcast is a real life discussion on how to change your life by changing your thoughts, behaviors and ultimately how you talk and think about the situation you want to change.  Each week you will get insider content to help you on your path to self discovery!
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